For a long time, Rio Lagartos, as well as nearby ports, keeps its own, a magical touch with alternative fun, simply forgetting the everyday life of the city. When visiting the Port you will know the ecological reserve that forms it, in this town you will find a unique relax and you will also get to observe the nature of Flor de piel.

Lagartos River is famous for the 20,000 pink flamingos that arrive between January and September to reproduce. And it is also home to the sea turtle which visits the area between June and August and lay their eggs in the hot sand, and more than 250 different species of birds that visit Lagartos River making this place better to observe birds.

In this place you will find the exact point between tranquility and adventure, exploring its diverse ecosystems, beautiful beaches, the eye of water, known by locals as Chiquilá

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