Rio Lagartos Experiences


Rio Lagartos


Rio lagartos is one of the main attractive consist on its natural richness and biodiversity, which is the base of the touristic activity, such as the tours to the different ecosystems, allowing us to admire a very diverse wildlife and becoming a part of a direct lifefull documentary.

You can find lizards of the varieties moraletti and acutus, as well as, very peculiar wildlife such as : golden eagle, marine eagle, pilgrim hawk, grey pelican, pearled pelican, frigates, seagull, white heron, pink heron.

The mangrove swamp also harbors: mapsche, jaguar, and deer, furthermore a great variety of fishes.

This great destination give us the opportunity to visit “las coloradas” and to experience its salty rivers and exfoliating mud.

You will be able to experience a very special closeness to the wildlife, apart from pollution and stress, maybe becoming one of the last lost paradises of the world.